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A Legacy of Passion: Segal Ranch is a third-generation, family hop farm widely known among craft brewers for estate-quality hops and a commitment to innovation in hop growing. We are located in the Yakima Valley in Washington State, a legendary terroir for hop cultivation.

JOHN SEGAL, JR. (left)


John was a hop geek at birth. Proof? He brought a block of hops to show-and-tell in first grade. He received his brewing legs at Anchor Brewing Company in San Francisco, fresh out of college. After his stint at Anchor, John joined the family hop business. Five years later he parted company with his father to work in the media industry.


Martin Ramos is the manager at Segal Ranch. He was nicknamed the "hop whisperer" by Vinnie Cilurzo, impressed with his magical hop-growing prowess. Martin had the good fortune to learn how to cultivate and breed hops, literally from the ground up, from the late Chuck Zimmermann, a former USDA hop research scientist and renowned innovator in creating new hop varieties.